Vianey Torres

Harmony of the Spheres

45 Symbols

Music is an important part of people’s way of life. Although music enjoyment is mostly subjective and entwined with cultural and personal experiences, the chemical effects and influences remain consistent, connecting all human kind.

No matter what genre, music is pleasant to listen to. Each short composition must undergo a long process that ties up with a certain message or purpose; a message can be seen differently from person to person.

Every song acts as a timeless portal that transports the listener to a distinct place or state of mind. When listening to a song, a person can either revisit old memories or transport into an imaginative place that is completely curated and visible through that specific song.

The following symbols show places and memories that I personally experience while listening to certain songs on my playlist. These places can either be somewhere I have already been or something completely imaginative. Each sphere acts as a window to these glimpses of memories or new worlds that I visit during each favorite tune.

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